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Why Do We Use Adaptogens in Our Treats?

In addition to CBD, our treats contain adaptogens, which provide extra support for dogs and cats needing to target specific ailments. 


What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens encompass a variety of medicinal herbs, mushrooms and plant-derived compounds that assist the body and all of its anatomical systems adapt to stressors, and have been used for hundreds of years in Eastern and Ayurvedic medicines.

Stress takes many forms, among them anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, exposure to environmental- and food-based toxins, and lack of physical activity. 

On physical and emotional levels, stressors affect both humans and animals via the ‘stress hormone,’ known as cortisol. When stress continues to build up without an outlet, cortisol is released by the body on a long-term basis. This results in our anatomical systems functioning ineffectively. Either the body is producing too much cortisol to combat stress, or is not producing enough.

When the body is producing too much, or too little cortisol, it is not in equilibrium — or homeostasis — the way a healthy body should be. 

Enter the intelligence of adaptogens. 

Have a look at the root word of adaptogens — adapt. These magical herbs, mushrooms and plants can literally adapt in order to remedy whatever the body needs support with — rebalancing what’s lacking, or what’s being over-produced. 

In addition to offering a daily dose of pure CBD oil, our treat varieties each feature a unique blend of adaptogens — so pet parents can harness the benefits of CBD while simultaneously targeting more specific health issues in their pets. 


Here are the adaptogens you’ll find in each of our treat blends:


Immune + Brain Health

Chaga Mushroom — antioxidant, boosts immunity, supports animals during illness and while in recovery from illness, supports nervous system, alkalinity, gastrointestinal health, digestion, and mental cognition

Ginger — strengthens immunity, fights bacterial and fungal infections, flushes toxins, reduces nausea, prevents malabsorption


Arthritis + Inflammation

Astragalus — antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, injury regeneration

Burdock Root — improves mobility and joint pain, promotes lymphatic system drainage, flushes toxins, purifies blood, supports kidneys

Turmeric (Curcumin) — eases pain and discomfort associated with chronic ailments, relieves inflammation, improves mobility


Anxiety + Nervous System

Ashwagandha — supports the nervous system and adrenals, enhances mood, relieves stress and anxiousness, promotes calm, supports pets with seizures or convulsions, reduces brain cell degeneration

Tulsi (Holy Basil) — relieves stress and nervous tendencies, lowers blood pressure, decreases convulsive activity


Heart + Bone + Coat + Skin

Ginseng — supports adrenals, heart, cortisol levels, immunity, cognition, weight loss, vascular circulation, and stimulates blood flow

Gotu Kola — promotes regeneration and rejuvenation, mitigates senility and premature aging, improves memory and circulation, targets skin conditions and allergies, reduces inflammation 


Who We Are — At Creating Brighter Days, we help care for your pet’s quality of life by offering nothing less than premium, restorative CBD wellness products. Our custom-tailored, vet-approved CBD formulations for cats, dogs and horses contain therapeutic cannabidiol, medicinal herbs, and organic, non-GMO superfoods. 

How It Works — All of our CBD Pet products support animal wellness by harnessing the medicinal benefits of pure, hemp-derived CBD, which has been shown to reinforce longevity, digestion, immunity, skin health, stress, pain, and other common ailments. Select CBD Pet products also feature adaptogens, which level the stressors that lead to inflammation — a root cause of various illnesses in dogs, cats and horses. For care of animals with more advanced and complex issues, our Full Spectrum blends offer CBD in addition to other cannabinoids, which merge together and create an entourage effect in an animal’s endocannabinoid system. The result? Quality nutraceutical products that heal and rejuvenate your pet.