Most mainstream pet treats contain harmful ingredients — so treating your pet can actually end up doing the opposite of what you intended. Here’s why you never have to worry when you’re using Creating Brighter Days treats. 



Although the packaging may seem fun, attractive, or claim to be ‘healthy’ or ‘natural,’  many standard pet treats contain a variety of harmful preservatives, additives and chemicals. These are found in the commonly-seen brands that fill shelves at most grocery and convenience stores — and even many non-specialty pet stores. 

Most of the popular treat brands available utilize ingredients like wheat flour, wheat gluten, BHA (a fat preservative shown to causes tumours), BHT, artificial colourants, corn syrup, sugar, soy, fillers, and another major culprit — unnamed meat by-products.

What exactly is an unnamed meat product? Usually, it’s a conglomeration of leftover carcasses or parts of animals that are unfit for human consumption. But it can go even one step further than that. It’s a well-known fact that many companies are using what is known as 4-D meats in pet foods — meaning meat from dead, dying, disabled or diseased animals. Using unnamed meat products gives a company the right to label a treat bag as containing salmon, beef, chicken, etc. Although the truth is, there is little — if any — of these types of meat in the final product of many major brands. And what does make it into the bag is certainly not fit for any living being to consume. 

And rawhide chew toys? Many are chemically preserved before being bleached, then dyed with harmful colourants, and finally rolled into shape and held with glue. Yes — glue.


Let’s take a moment to process what we’ve just read. We know, it’s a bit stomach-turning. 

But if your pet has been eating these types of conventional treats — you are not to blame! Most pet parents have no idea about what’s actually contained in popular treat products. 

Which is why we wrote this blog.

When it comes to Creating Brighter Days products, CBD is really just an amazing added bonus. 

It’s what else our treats are made of that we want to focus on here. We want to make sure that as a pet parent, you know exactly what your pet is consuming — and that you feel really good about it.

We use only organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, fully plant-based ingredients throughout our entire product line.

And you will never find any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or fillers in our treats. The bottom line is — we would never serve your pet anything we wouldn’t feel comfortable serving our own families at the dinner table.

This is why our treats have a shelf life. Nothing natural and preservative- and chemical-free would be able to sit around for years without eventually going rancid. Our treats are artisanal and hand-crafted, and undergo rigorous quality control processes before your pet ever gets their paws on them.  

Our team has spent countless hours in research and development, experimenting with various ingredient sources, using them in product formulations, and testing for efficacy. Every single batch we produce is third-party lab-tested — not only for CBD concentration, but for pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins. You simply won’t find anything harmful in our products. 

It’s a treat you can feel good about giving your pet, period. Always. 

Who We Are — At Creating Brighter Days, we help care for your pet’s quality of life by offering nothing less than premium, restorative CBD wellness products. Our custom-tailored, vet-approved CBD formulations for cats, dogs and horses contain therapeutic cannabidiol, medicinal herbs, and organic, non-GMO superfoods. 

How It Works — All of our CBD Pet products support animal wellness by harnessing the medicinal benefits of pure, hemp-derived CBD, which has been shown to reinforce longevity, digestion, immunity, skin health, stress, pain, and other common ailments. Select CBD Pet products also feature adaptogens, which level the stressors that lead to inflammation — a root cause of various illnesses in dogs, cats and horses. For care of animals with more advanced and complex issues, our Full Spectrum blends offer CBD in addition to other cannabinoids, which merge together and create an entourage effect in an animal’s endocannabinoid system. The result? Quality nutraceutical products that heal and rejuvenate your pet.