We can consider our pets lucky if they never need to have a surgical procedure. However, for a large portion of Canada’s pet population, minor-to-intensive surgeries may eventually be part of their reality. Can CBD assist in post-surgery recovery?



Whether from trauma or accident, ingestion of toxins, gastrointestinal issues, a complicated birth, cancer, or another ailment-related surgical procedure, many dogs and cats will experience surgery at some point in their lives.

With regard to a majority of health conditions, surgery is the only inevitable or life-saving step that we as pet parents can take.

So if we ever have to make the decision to release our pets into the care of a trusted surgeon, we can rest knowing that CBD helps to make recovery is a more easeful process.


CBD has been studied extensively for its ability to assist in post-surgery healing. This is due to its innate ability to reduce pain, inflammation at the surgery site, and even trigger regeneration in cells, thus speeding recovery timelines.

CBD also contains anti-emetic properties, meaning it can reduce the incidence of nausea, vomiting, and even lack of appetite. If you’ve ever been through surgery, you know that the medications used during — and after — can often initiate these symptoms.  

Surgery can also affect an animal’s mental state, as pain levels interfere with sleep, and a general depressed state may arise out of the inability to harness full mobility. CBD studies have shown that it can promote mental well-being, reduce anxiety and depression, enhance sleep, and ease mobility.

CBD is also known for its antibacterial properties, which is a major benefit in reducing the risk of infection post-surgery.


We recommend waiting a full 24-48 hours post-surgery to administer CBD. Please be sure your veterinarian knows that you plan to administer CBD post-surgery.

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