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Arthritis + Inflammation

This formula eases arthritis pain, suffering in the joints, and encourages cell regeneration. Healing ingredients in Longevity include astragalus, burdock root, and turmeric—for reducing inflammation


100% Pure. Hand Crafted. All Natural

Your Pet's Endocannabinoid System


  • Brain
  • Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Reproductive Organs
  • Lungs
  • Vascular System
  • Muscles

CB1 is more abundant than any other neurotransmitter receptor


  • Brain
  • Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Reproductive Organs
  • Lungs
  • Vascular System
  • Muscles

CB1 is more abundant than any other neurotransmitter receptor

CBD1 + 2

  • Immune System
  • Liver
  • Bone Marrow
  • Pancreas
  • Brainstem

Dosage for CBD Enriched Dog Treats

To Nurture is Our Nature

SPECTRUM is formulated in our own proprietary blend of hemp seed, pumpkin seed, and coconut-derived medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils— while yielding the entire full spectrum of medicinal benefits found in hemp. Our most advanced and effective CBD pet health product, combined with our nourishing oil base, provides enhanced relief, healing and support for your pet.


This formula eases arthritis pain, suffering in the joints, and encourages cell regeneration. Healing ingredients in Longevity include astragalus, burdock root, and turmeric—for reducing inflammation

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13 reviews for Longevity

  1. Holly Fraser

    My dog Triumph showed significant improvement after introducing these treats into his daily regime. Last week we ran out and stopped his daily dose of two treats per day and he showed some noticeable decreased mobility and discomfort. These treats will now be an ongoing part of Triumph’s daily treatment program for arthritis and inflammation as I have witnessed their power first hand. The specific attention to detail in ingredients put into this formula are ideal for dogs suffering from any joint or mobility issues and I am grateful for it!

  2. Connie Shannon

    My 14 year old Lhasa Apso thinks he’s still 5; very energetic and won’t admit to pain. Years ago He was sat on by a big dumb dog who just thought of him as a toy on the ground because Tommy was sleeping. He was paralyzed briefly. He now has a degenerated disc in his hind end which make his back legs collapse once in a while. I have to keep his spine from any form of swelling. He also has a grade 4 heart murmur.
    When he started whining and moving around in bed at night I knew I had to get him something so I bought these. What a difference! He began sleeping through the night (I gave mixed with supper because he won’t take as a treat – picky). I didn’t give during the day because I wanted him awake. Last week he tried to go upstairs and fell. He became paralyzed w/o much hope of ever walking again. I presently have him on anti-inflammatory medication and gabapentin.
    He’s walking again, which I knew would happen but I’m supposed to keep quiet and still (ha) for 14 days.
    When he’s finished the vet meds he’ll definitely be taking the longevity treats in the a.m. and p.m. every day for the rest of his life. If they can keep the swelling down and him happily running here and there, then that’s all that matters to me.

  3. TJ Haselden

    Thank you! I have a 12 year old c=Chiweenie who has had back problems since he was a puppy and thanks to this product I have seen a massive transformation in my dogs behavior. We recently took our dog on a 14 hour road trip across Canada, the whole way there my dog looked upset and not very happy, for the whole week he was walking very slow, my wife and I actually thought if this is it for him, at least he gets to go on the beach and be outside by the cool ocean air in his final days and be happy. Then on the way home, we stopped in a place in Moncton (for us) and saw these in the store. I bought them right away and gave him half of one because he is about 12 pounds. The car ride home was amazing and my dog couldnt stop smiling. (He didn’t look upset or uncomfortable at all). He is running around again, and he is thinking he can jump on and off the bed again (which isn’t good lol) I would not go as far as saying he isn’t a senior dog anymore, he is still an old boy, but I really feel these treats will help me get more years with him. (Not to mention, the joints and bones are feeling good again for him)

  4. Maegan Ciurko

    Can’t find anything like it, absolutely love this product and so does my boy. A difference of not being able to put any pressure on his leg to running at full speed.

  5. Patti

    I have a 12 year old cocker spaniel and I had tired everything I could to help this little dog. Her back end would not work, we would have to carry her down a flight of stairs so she could do her business. Then we would carry her back up the stairs. She was very weak in the rear. Thinking the worst I asked my husband to take me to the Healing Hut cannibus store. There I was introduced to your product Longevity. I tried one cookie that evening and one again in the morning and my cocker spaniel is now running after her ball again. She gets just one cookie in the evening and if it is a rainy day she might get a 1/2 of one to help her out until the evening cookie. Without this product I would not have my little dog with me today, I thank everyone at Creating Brighter Days for giving my little dog a few more years or more.4

  6. Pat

    We had 2 Scottish Terriers. Our little girl had to be put down 2 yrs ago (age 8) due to a spinal issue which caused her to stop using her hind leg and loose her bladder control. Our boy seemed last fall that he was going down same path. My daughter said a friend had tried this for their dog, so I order one bag to try. He started using his leg again! He had lost his muscle in that leg, so no walks. Then I ordered more. We are now taking him for short walks, which he loves. He goes up and down stairs, and is playing with his toys again. He is acting like his younger self.

    Thank you so much for giving us more time with our beloved Charlie.

  7. Nancy

    Since taking these treats, my dog has been able to come off her pain medication that always made her tired. Shes gone from sleeping all day and limping around, to actually jumping and running when I bring her leash out! She no longer struggles to get up our stairs, and is generally more happy and comfortable!!! I can’t thank you enough!

  8. Maegan

    My boy has had one hell of a ride, where he should have died many times. He was injured early in life, he was run over by a truck and survived. He was caught in a power snare, got blasto twice, and when he was 8 he jumped over the baby gate and fell down the stairs injuring his knee badly. The vet recommended surgery that would have cost thousands, and after the 2 separate very costly blasto treatments, it was not likely that he would get the surgery. We gave him pharmaceutical pain meds which helped the pain but he was still stiff and running him was out the question. He gained weight and we had to keep him from jumping and putting any strain on his knees. I bought the Longevity cookies and after a couple days he was feeling better. two years after his latest injury he is playing in full force and as bossy as ever. We ran out of cookies before the next order and it was quite noticeable, his pain from the truck injury was back and he was stiff and sad. It is quite obvious that these treats help him everyday and we hope they never get discontinued. Thank you!!

  9. Shane Lafreniere

    Folks, Cooper, my Cocker gets one every other day to maintain dosage, and without, he can’t get up easily from a sit or lie. these things are a godsend, and don’t liquefy the back end like oil products do… so good for me!. I give a half cookie after a big walk once in a while, but all good. he’s 35lbs, every otherday.

    Maggie, my gf’s Rottie is 16, and has had a blown hamstring for most of her life, so, would walk with a gate and a leg flip….. she’s about 90lbs, and gets 3-4 a day…. still alert and on top of things mentally, and gets around with some assistance, but these treats have extended her stay on this earth indefinitely… and she’s still tickin….

    these treats are great. I had tried a different reseller in the past, yet, getting direct when Longevity is in stock is quick and easy. Don’t discontinue this product – two lives depend on it. Shane

  10. BB

    I gave these treats to my 15 year old Shitzu Molly. I didn’t really think they were making a difference, but was I ever wrong. Without them she is not able to make it up or down our 2 steps to go outside. Long story short, she will be on them for the rest of her life.

  11. Dave

    My bull dog who eats everything would not eat these. I had to grind up in sausage.

  12. Marilyn Campbell

    My dog, Pecan, has had mobility issues for a while. She gets the Spectrum oil at night, but these treats in the morning. I’ve tried other CBD treats and they work okay, but these ones help her move so much easier. She is also developing dementia and these help her to navigate her strange new world in a much calmer fashion.

    I recently picked up the treats for anxiety too, to help her when things get scary (storms).

    All we have wanted is to find a way to help her live the best life she can in her final years, and if this helps her to remain herself for a little while longer and keeps her with us, I am happy to give this to her.

    • Creating Brighter Days

      Marilyn! We love your doggie’s name 🙂
      Your message means so much to us — the most important thing for our beloved pets is their quality of life. By helping to ease her anxiety and fear, and supporting her brain function and mobility, Pecan can look forward to days filled with comfort and joy. What a gift. We’re so happy you are noticing the high quality of our products, and that they’re working better than other treats you’ve used in the past. Our whole heart goes into creating and maintaining superior, effective products that our pets can rely on. Thank you for being a huge part of this journey!

  13. Andrew Struthers

    These have been life changing for my 12 year old doodle. She has had two knee surgeries and has been on metacam and gabopentin for years. Since we found these she is off pain killers and gets the zoomies again. Nice having my pup again.

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Longevity Ingredients

99.9% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) containing absolutely no psychoactive properties, is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. CBD naturally creates balance and homeostasis when an animal’s body has become cannabinoid-deficient, by supplementing naturally-occurring endocannabinoids with phytocannabinoids (plant CBD). For pets, our CBD has shown to be an effective treatment for relieving pain and inflammation, increasing mobility in joints, reducing anxiety, supporting digestion, relieving nausea, strengthening the immune system, and defending against diseases, among countless other benefits.

Astragalus, One of the most powerful immune-building plants on Earth, Astragalus also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties that fight disease and stress in pets. It is especially helpful for animals who are recovering from injury, as it speeds up wound healing and supports regeneration. It also protects the cardiovascular system, and combats cancer by preventing the growth of new tumors while slowing growth of existing tumors.

Burdock Root Burdock’s anti-inflammatory properties support a vast range of healing capabilities. It is extremely beneficial for pets currently battling disease or illness, as it stimulates Lymphatic system drainage, allowing an animal to better transport white blood cells throughout the body and flush out toxins and infections. It’s detoxification doesn’t stop there; Burdock purifies the blood, soothes kidneys and chronic kidney disease, combats cancer and diabetes, and eliminates fluid retention. It alleviates stomach ailments and constipation, improves mobility  and joint pain, eases arthritis, heals skin allergies and conditions, and supports pets as they age.

Turmeric. Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric, has powerful biological properties. Because it is among the most notable anti-inflammatories, Ayurvedic medicine recommends Curcumin for relief of chronic pain. This is a major benefit to animals battling osteoarthritis, cancer, Lyme disease, pancreatitis, and inflammatory bowel disease. In addition to anti-aging, detoxifying, and cognition-enhancing abilities, Curcumin provides pain relief, improves liver function, and aids digestion.

Nettle For pets, incorporation of Nettle can ease pain in muscles and joints, and reduce symptoms of arthritis. This powerful diuretic, antioxidant, and natural antihistamine contains high amounts of iron, vitamin C and potassium. It flushes out harmful chemicals and excess liquids, detoxifies, reduces allergies, improves the absorption of iron, reduces tension in arteries and blood vessels, and minimizes inflammation. Healthy blood circulation and cardiovascular health are also supported, lowering an animal’s risk for heart attack and stroke.

Cayenne By heating the body and boosting metabolism, Cayenne can assist in weight loss for animals suffering from obesity. It stimulates the body’s circulation, reduces acidity, detoxifies the body, benefits the digestive system, relieves joint and nerve pain, and can even prevent blood clots.

Chlorella For animals suffering chronic ailments and cancers, Chlorella is powerful ally. This freshwater algae is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world, known primarily for its detoxifying and immune-boosting properties. It eases digestive issues and ulcers, and naturally increases vitamin A, C and glutathione levels in the body. All these qualities help eliminate free-radicals and protect cells, making it an effective anti-aging supplement for pets that supports regeneration.

Hemp seed oil Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, Hemp Seed oil is a complete protein and essential fatty acid, providing omega 3, 6, 9 and insoluble fibre. It is shown to be a huge support for animals with skin conditions, heart problems, suppressed immune systems, and cognitive issues.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients
  • Coconut Flour
  • Garbanzo Bean Flour
  • Flax Seed
  • Apple
  • Zucchini
  • Peanut Butter
  • Molasses
  • Coconut Oil
  • Tocopherols (Vitamin E)