Personalized Cbd Pet Support

Consultations, dosing + administration guidelines, integration + progress checks — all custom-tailored to your pet’s needs.

Creating Brighter Days is proud to announce a collaboration close to our hearts. When we ask ourselves, ‘What is the one thing missing from the CBD-for-pets movement?’ the answer is Sandi Krucik-van Bommel. Her CBD consulting service, Inspired Pet Wellness, is an incredible offering to pets and pet parents who are interested in CBD.

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A Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant (CCRA), and Veterinary Cannabis Counselor (VCC), Sandi has created a precedent-setting service for animals who are using, or considering, CBD — an important and untapped niche in today’s industry.

“It can be overwhelming for consumers when they’re entering [the CBD marketplace for the first time], trying to determine how to choose products and administer them to their pets,” says Sandi. “My goal is to empower them to make informed decisions about CBD protocols, based on their pets’ individual needs, and support them along the way.”

Sandi’s three-pronged service begins with a complimentary assessment, to discuss an animal’s underlying health conditions, needs, and health goals.

Clients receive comprehensive intake forms. Taking a collaborative approach, and with permission of the client, Sandi is able to contact primary veterinarians directly to discuss medical records, health history, and discuss potential contraindications if medications are present.

Following this, a video call is scheduled, during which Sandi provides pet parents with educational information based on harm-reduction and the safe use of CBD personalized to their pet’s needs— including the importance of appropriate product selection.

Once the pet parent has chosen their products, another call is scheduled to discuss how to use them most effectively. Sandi supports clients in designing a condition-specific monitoring plan, where pet responses are documented.

We are thrilled to be partnered with this wonderful woman, and grateful that our clients’ needs can be met long after an initial purchase is made. Our pets deserve the best. And our pet parents deserve to be completely comfortable and supported in their pets’ healing journey.

For more information about Sandi’s services, please reach out to our customer service team.

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